My Favorite Natural Beauty Products

My favorite beauty products are natural, affordable and have many uses. Here are the products I’ve found work best for me!

Ever since I was a teenager, I have struggled with acne. Eventually, I became frustrated by dermatology medications that made my skin increasingly dry, red, and oily. I also realized that many of the beauty products I was using contained chemicals that were aggravating my skin even more. I set out on a journey to care for my skin more naturally. After extensive research, I threw out all my old skincare products and adopted a new, simple beauty routine.

Please note, I am not a doctor and these may not work the same for everyone. Always listen to your own body!

Natural Beauty Tips

Coconut Oil:

I use coconut oil as a lotion and chapstick alternative to smooth dry skin and lips. It’s also great for applying to skin to ease sunburn symptoms.

Shopping Tip: Buy your coconut oil from the cooking aisle, not the beauty aisle. It is much cheaper to buy it there! I buy a large container for cooking and then I transfer a small amount to a mason jar for beauty purposes. There are also travel-sized packages which are great to keep in your travel-kit, purse or car.

Doctor Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap:

Doctor Bronner’s makes a great all-purpose wash that is mainly made out of oils (coconut, olive, jojoba). I prefer the baby formula which is unscented and has fewer ingredients. With a simple mixture, this can also be used for household cleaning!

All Heal Salve:

This is a great versatile product to keep on hand. I use it to treat cuts and to soothe bug bites. This can be purchased at most health foods stores.

Non-Toxic Nail Polish:

My favorite brand is Law Beauty Essentials! This product is made in the USA, with no animal testing or harsh chemicals. I love that they offer unique colors like blues and grays.

*Image Source: Balance and Bliss