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My Teachers

By researching health topics, reading lifestyle design books and listening to countless podcasts, I have been inspired by many health and wellness experts. To continue your journey beyond my site, I highly recommend the following resources.

Tim Ferriss: Lifestyle Design Expert

How to Design a Life You Love

Tim Ferriss is an author, entrepreneur, and public speaker who explores a vast range of topics including personal development, exercise, healthy eating, travel, lifestyle design, and business ventures. Tim is interested in mastering new art forms. Through his podcast, he connects top performers from every area of life. From Tim, I discovered strategies for living more and working less.

“The question you should be asking isn’t, ‘What do I want?’ or ‘What are my goals?’ but ‘What would excite me?’ – Tim Ferris

Lessons On Establishing Location-Independence

Rolf Potts: Travel Expert

Rolf Potts is a journalist, travel writer, and author who has been featured in The National Geographic. I first became inspired by him when I discovered that he had traveled for a six-week stretch, covering 12 countries and 34,000 miles, with no luggage or bags. Reading his book “Vagabonding” really opened my eyes to a new way of living freely.

“Vagabonding is an attitude—a friendly interest in people, places, and things that makes a person an explorer in the truest, most vivid sense of the word.” – Rolf Potts