Resources on Hormone Balancing

I highly recommend the following resources on hormone balancing, natural birth control, and understanding your fertility.

After being on the birth control pill for several years, I switched to the Mirena IUD. With the IUD, I experienced increasingly worsening acne symptoms. Eventually, I faced the fact that my body was not reacting well to this method. 4 months ago, I went off all prescription forms of birth control and I’ve found that the Fertility Awareness Method has worked much better for my lifestyle.

Hormone Balancing

Track Your Cycle with the Natural Cycles App:

The Natural Cycles app, in partnership with a basic thermometer, can help you track your cycle and make smart family-planning choices. This app has been certified in Europe as a medical device intended to be used for contraception. I paid a one-time subscription fee of $80 for the app and thermometer. Please note, the FDA has not approved this app as a contraceptive device and it’s important to do your own research when selecting a birth control method. To use this app, you should have a consistent daily schedule as you need to take your temperature around the same time every morning.

Learn How to Take Charge of Your Fertility:

The Book “The Definitive Guide to Natural Birth Control, Pregnancy Achievement, and Reproductive Health” by Toni Weschler taught me a million things about the female body. I believe this book is a must-read for girls and women of all ages.

Eat a Consistent and Nutrient-Rich Diet:

Eating a consistent diet makes all the difference when it comes to regulating your body. Check out my grocery guide to learn how I maintain a healthy diet. The biggest dietary changes that have helped me stabilize my hormones have been eliminating refined sugars, grains, gluten, and reducing my consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

*Image Source: Conscious Lifestyle Mag