the wildish project

Meet Jordan

I love to cook, tend to my tiny window herb garden, and dance around the kitchen.

I discovered my passion for a healthy lifestyle when I set out on a journey to heal my acne through natural methods. By adopting a ketogenic-style diet, I began to feel more energized, find the root cause of my skin symptoms and stabilize my hormones. I live in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I’m a healthcare marketing consultant, recipe experimenter, avid backpacker, and wellness writer. I also care about helping other women make positive lifestyle changes and buying decisions that are healthy for themselves and for the planet.

About Jordan Gallant

My Style

I love designs that incorporate delicate accents, whimsical feelings, and earth tones. I strive to bring elements of nature into my city apartment. View my Pinterest to see some of my favorite looks in home decor, photography, fashion, beauty, design, and print materials.

My Inspiration

The true fruit of nature can only be plucked with a fluttering heart and a delicate hand.”– Huckleberries, Henry David Thoreau