Backpacking Advice for Women

These strategies have helped me to stay comfortable in the woods for several days at a time. Preparation beforehand and packing the right gear makes a backcountry trip much more enjoyable!

I recently went on an overnight backpacking trip to Big Basin Redwoods State Park in Santa Cruz, California. I learned that a 10-mile hike on hilly California terrain is not comparable to 10 miles on the flat Michigan terrain that I’m used to! It was well worth the strenuous hike to see the giant, otherworldly trees, and the beautiful Berry Creek Falls.

Here are some lessons you can apply to feel more comfortable on your next trip.

1) Find a Way to Rinse Off Every Day While Backpacking

Wildish Backpacking Tips

2) Invest in Lightweight Layerable Clothing

Wildish Backpacking Tips 3

3) Pack Something You’re Passionate About (Like your Favorite Book, Journal or Camera)

Wildish Backpacking Tips

4) Bring Sleeping Pads. You Won’t Regret It!

Wildish Backpacking Tips

5) Set Aside Time to Rest Each Morning

Wildish Backpacking Tips